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COF 017: F.D.A. targeting regulations that could send cigar industry up in smoke

July 22, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
John F. Kennedy

The Obama-run Food and Drug Administration is about to cripple the cigar industry, unless the public speaks out.  That is the subject matter of the latest Conservative On Fire podcast.

The New York Times reported that the F.D.A. will impose stiff regulations that could send most in the cigar business up in smoke, unless the public speaks out before early August, when regulations will be finalized.  As the Times noted, some in the cigar business, like the family-owned J.C. Newman Cigar Company, might have to close, that is how stringent these regulations could be.

Just the fact the family said these regulations are the biggest business challenge they have ever faced, bigger than two world wars, bigger than the Great Depression, bigger than the trade embargo on Cuba, should be pause for concern for every freedom loving American.

The F.D.A. was granted these sweeping powers over the tobacco industry in 2009, when both chambers of Congress were controlled by Democrats and a Democrat was sitting in the White House.  Now they are prepared to impose their regulations and the recommendations are harsh.  The government body would regulate cigars, much as they do cigarettes, putting a major crimp in sales and placing more havoc on the industry.  It would mean cigars would have to go through thousands of hours of thorough testing at a major expense to the manufacturer.  And it might mean makers would be forced to buy new manufacturing equipment.

Another ruse would be to “exempt” premium cigars from the regulations.  Although on the surface, that might sound good, the F.D.A. would redefine “premium cigar,” essentially making the cost and availability of what was classified as a premium cigar nearly prohibitive.

Somewhere, President John F. Kennedy, who loved a good cigar, must be wondering is this what my party has come to?  Winston Churchill must also be rolling over in his grave. Even if people are not cigar smokers, they need to join in the opposition to these regulations.  The issue is no longer about being able to smoke cigars.  It is about our very own freedoms.


COF 016: Sen. Blumenthal and the Democrat’s politics of distraction

July 19, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Sen. Richard Blumenthal

The U.S. Senate’s judiciary committee held a hearing this week on Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s abortion bill.  As I comment in the latest Conservative On Fire podcast, whether it’s abortion or Hobby Lobby, these days for the Democrats it is all about the politics of distraction.

I am familiar with Blumenthal’s tactics, having lived in Connecticut for far too many years.  When he was attorney general for 20 years, – it only seemed like forever – he was always holding news conferences, usually blasting businesses, or President George W. Bush,  or promoting some liberal cause.  In fact, the stuff for which he blasted Bush, President Obama does 10 times more, and not a peep out of Blumenthal.

These days, he has found his mojo, acting like he is the Attorney General of the U.S., rather than U.S. Senator.  Every Monday, he stages a news conference, harping on some perceived slight toward the left.  His minions on the local TV newscasts cooperate, by giving these staged events full blown coverage.

Whether it is at these news conferences or in the U.S. Senate, the next time Blumenthal talks about the state of the economy or Obamacare will be the first time.  As the economy stagnates or at best makes a tepid recovery, especially in Blumenthal’s home state; as people continue to register complaints about Obamacare – even in deep blue Connecticut – Blumenthal continues to bring up every liberal cause, all in the name of manufacturing stories that will blur the focus of the Democrats’ abysmal handling of the economy and health care.

Expect more of the same between now and the midterm elections.  Whether it’s Blumenthal or Obama, the idea is to motivate the left’s base to turn out and vote so they can hold on to the Senate.   It’s also about laying the ground work for the 2016 presidential election and in Blumenthal’s case his re-election bid.

Think about it?  If the economy were percolating, if Obamacare was a success, wouldn’t they be talking about that?  They cannot, because both have failed under the their leadership.  Therefore, expect more of the politics of distraction.  Blumenthal is a master at it.

COF 015: Economist Stephen Moore explains how red states outperform blue states, plus talks about Hillary

June 11, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Red vs. Blue

Blue states are losing the economic battle to red states in a state-by-state analysis put together by Stephen Moore and Richard Vedder.   Moore, chief economist at the Heritage Foundation and a contributing editor for National Review was my guest on the latest Conservative On Fire podcast.

He talked about the study of the 50 states.  What was found was blue states that attempted to address income inequality by raising the minimum wage, increasing government benefits for the poor and raising taxes on the rich actually widened the gap between rich and poor.

One stunning observation from the Moore-Vedder analysis really drove home the point that expanded government failed to provide the solution:

“Do the 19 states with minimum wages above the $7.25 federal minimum have lower income inequality? Sorry, no. States with a super minimum wage like Connecticut ($8.70), California ($8), New York ($8) and Vermont ($8.73) have significantly wider gaps between rich and poor than those states that don’t.”

He also answered why the left attempts to implement such failed policies.

Moore talked about this and whether Hillary Clinton would pursue pro-economic growth policies if she were elected president.  In reality, would Mrs. Clinton win the presidency?  Moore game his opinion on that as well.

Moore is the founder of the Club for Growth, a 501(c)4 organization that promotes reduces taxes and pro-economic growth policies.   He has written several books, including his latest with Art Laffer, entitled “Crash Landing: How Bush, Bernanke, Pelosi and Obama Have Wrecked the U.S. Economy.”

He also has written “Who’s The Fairest of Them All: The Truth About Opportunity, Taxes, and Wealth in America.”

Moore has made numerous appearances on CNN, CNBC and Fox News.   Once a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, he also served as senior economist of the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee under then Chairman Dick Armey of Texas.



COF 014: Patrick Howley explains why liberals keep poor people poor

May 21, 2014 Podcasts No Comments

Liberals have a reason for keeping poor people poor.  So explains Patrick Howley, political reporter for  In his excellent piece, “Why Liberals Want to Keep Poor People Poor,” Howley writes “Liberals hate the working poor for the example they set for the ideal non-working poor. After all, liberals have a vested interest in keeping poor people poor.”

We delve into this at some length, during the podcast interview.  Howley talks about how Republicans have offered viable alternatives to poverty ravished urban areas, dating back to Ronald Reagan, only to be undermined by Democrats, who fear losing their political power base if the poor turn around their lives.   He says that Republican Sen. Rand Paul is not only demonized by the left, but is also despised by the GOP establishment, because he would be the kind of president who would bring about the fundamental changes required to convert a culture steeped in government entitlement programs. 

Paul is an advocate of “economic freedom zones,” designed for small businesses to receive major tax breaks in order to launch their enterprises.   It’s hoped such zones would bring jobs to the inner city, without the help of major government programs that are underwritten at taxpayers’ expense.   Howley says such an approach is persona non grata with liberals who fear it would work.  Success in that area would diminish a voting clientele dependent on liberals remaining in power to permit the continuous flow of government programs.

In the interview, Howley discusses the upcoming elections, whether a president can bring about the changes necessary to end the dependency on government programs and much, much more.  On the 50th anniversary of LBJ’s declaration of “the Great Society,” Howley’s interview and written piece are a tutorial on why that “Great Society” turned into a massive government failure, that has produced revolutionary change in the USA.


COF 013: Nick Givas, state chair of college GOP, explains Conservatism

May 19, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Nick Givas, Dr. Alveda King

Nick Givas is entering his final term as chairman of the Connecticut college Republicans.   The soon-to-be graduate of Fairfield University is a self-described conservative and proud of it.  In the latest Conservative On Fire podcast, Givas talks about being a conservative on a college campus.

Givas pulls no punches in the interview as neither Democrats nor Republicans are sparred his analysis.  In fact, if anyone believes Givas is all-things Republican they need to listen to the podcast.  Republicans are coming up short on college campuses – the bastion of liberalism – for a reason and Givas explains what that reason is.  All is not lost, however, as he describes what Republicans and the conservative message itself, must accomplish in order to expand the base among younger demographics.  His answers may surprise some.

In fact, Givas recently wrote on the Connecticut Patriot website, that the Republicans must stop treating their constituents as “demographics.”   The party “has to treat them as human beings.    The time for half measures and empty promises is over….the time to fulfill our duty through our actions is now upon us.”

During the winter, Givas spoke at a symposium at Yale University sponsored by the think-tank of Tom Foley, past and now current GOP nominee for governor of Connecticut.   He shared the dais with Foley and Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   The focus was on what can be done to improve the state’s urban areas and how Republicans can make inroads in that region, which has been dominated for years by the Democratic Party in Connecticut.

The message he echoed at that gathering is similar to what he stated during the podcast.   To say the least, it is food for thought, as Republicans – and for that matter conservatives – enter a critical election cycle.  In reality, Givas may be one state chair, but his message is meant for Republicans and conservatives everywhere.

COF 012: Rev. Kenn Blanchard of ‘Black Man With A Gun’ talks about his life and conservatism

May 12, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Black Man With A Gun

By all accounts, the Rev. Kenn Blanchard has led quite a life, and the excitement continues.  He is my guest on our latest “Conservative On Fire” podcast.

The Rev. Blanchard has a great website,  His podcast is very educational and inspirational.  Check it out: “Black Man With A Gun Show.”

In our interview, the Rev. Blanchard explains why the words “gun” and “black” scare some people.  He talks about being the founder of the “10th Cavalry Gun Club.”  He relates a great story about his grandmother, which is in his new book, “Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded.”  And there is much, much more in the interview.

In this varied life led by the Rev. Blanchard, he has been a speaker, firearms trainer, activist and author.  I am sure I have left out some other endeavors.  He has been featured in documentaries, and in our interview, he shares an experience he had appeared on Rev. Al Sharpton’s television program.  The Rev. Blanchard has lobbied the U.S. Congress and gone before state legislatures to speak.

We also talked about the subject of race and why so many civil rights activists are happy with the status quo.  Hillary Clinton, possible nominee for the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination in 2016 also comes in for some analysis, after her comment about guns.  In case you missed it, she recently said the nation’s gun culture is “way out of balance” and that the United States needs to change the idea that “anybody can have a gun, anywhere, anytime.”

Many things resonated with me about what the Rev. Blanchard had to say in the interview, especially his definition of what is a conservative.  Much like me, the reverend believes most people are conservative but really don’t know it.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, as much I enjoyed recording it.



COF 011: How Family Institute’s Peter Wolfgang Went From Liberal To Conservative

May 7, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Peter Wolfgang

Peter Wolfgang wasn’t always a conservative.  The Executive Director of the Family Institute of Connecticut once protested against President Ronald Reagan and hosted a fund raiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Now, the Manchester, Connecticut native is a full fledged conservative and proud of it.

In my latest Conservative On Fire podcast, Wolfgang talks about the journey that led him on the path from left to right.   It is a course which saw him earn a Bachelors Degree in International Studies at The American University in Washington, D.C. and a Juris Doctorate from the UConn School of Law.  Wolfgang  is also a member of the Connecticut Bar.

On the podcast,  Wolfgang describes how his dad was Jewish and his mother was a Roman Catholic.  He became a Catholic.   Wolfgang also had a great uncle whom he describes as “almost a card-carrying socialist.”

Even during his most liberal days, however, one issue ardently supported by conservatives tugged at Wolfgang’s heart, the pro-life issue.  Wolfgang was always opposed to abortion and it was that issue that eventually placed him on the road to conservatism.

In our wide-ranging podcast interview, we talk about abortion, conservatism and traditional marriage.  Wolfgang explains why supporting marriage between a man and a woman does not make someone anti-gay.  He talks about the importance of the nuclear family, serving as a foundation for a solid country and how its decay has chipped away at the USA’s values.

He also explains that for a time, some of his liberal friends ostracized him on Facebook, because of his conversion to conservatism.

Peter Wolfgang not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, describing his efforts with the Family Institute of Connecticut and how FIC is trying to bring about positive change in his home state of Connecticut and beyond.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.


COF 010: Maine Gov. LePage and Michigan get it right

May 6, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Gov. Paul LePage

Did you hear Maine Gov. Paul LePage on the Howie Carr radio show the other day?  He was outstanding, as he talked about turning Maine to the right.  A Republican, LePage emphasized his efforts to trim the bureaucracy and crack down on welfare fraud.  On the podcast, we delve into his comments about placing photos on EBT cards of food stamp recipients.  He has run into static by the Democrat-controlled Maine legislature and the federal government, but he is prepared to go to the mat on this one.

Count me among those rooting for him.  Look, I understand giving people truly in need a helping hand, even with government programs.  The problem is, the road to good intentions is paved with one abuse, after another with wasteful taxpayer dollars.  That is why the governor is on the right page with his effort to rout out the fraud.  Per usual, he is being challenged by people who have a vested interest in the status quo.  I hope he succeeds.

I also talk about the dwindling membership in the Michigan chapter of the Service Employees International Union.   Under Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm, anyone who was a caregiver automatically became a member of the SEIU.  So if you were a caregiver to your parent, you became a union member.  Furthermore, money from Medicare and Medicaid was being extracted from the person who was receiving the care, for union dues.  The SEIU  collected $35 million in dues, while the system was in place.

Along came Republican Gov. Rick Snyder.  In the meantime, Michigan became a “right to work” state.  That meant caregivers had a choice.  They were no longer union members by force.  Union membership plummeted.  Fox reported, “of some 59,000 residents classified as home-based caregivers, about 80 percent stopped paying when they learned they did not have to.”

Amazing what happens when you have choice.

I also talk about Maureen Dowd’s latest column.  Even she has doubts about President Obama.

Links to following stories:

Gov. LePage on Howie Carr

SEIU in Michigan

Maureen Dowd on Obama 

COF 009: Obamacare and the real reason they want tolls

May 1, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Toll roads

Senate president Harry Reid may have said on the floor of the U.S. Senate that those horror stories about Obamacare are not true but they are.  A family member has been refused a colonoscopy, after enrolling in a government-run health exchange, because his gastroenterologist will not participate in the exchange.  So now the scramble is on to find one that does.  Another friend found out what used to be covered under his health insurance is no longer covered.  He now has a $400 bill to prove it.  And this is just the beginning.  Wait until the real changes kick in come January 2015.  Not so coincidentally, I might add, after the midterm elections.

Then there is the economy.  The latest excuse being advanced by the Obama administration and their cohorts in the media, is the reason the first quarter showed such poor growth – .01 percent – was because of the weather.  THE WEATHER.  If that was the case, how come Canada’s GDP in the first quarter grew 2.5 percent?  I have never heard so much about the weather, until this crowd took over.

Finally, there is the administration’s announcement that it will push to allow states to place toll booths on Interstate highways.  The money will be used to improve our aging infrastructure.  Of course, if we stopped raiding the transportation fund, we would have enough money to repair that infrastructure.  But the kicker, is that the administration claims the fund is being underfunded because autos are more fuel efficient.  Remember, we tax gasoline by the gallon.  Less gas usage means less tax revenue.  So mark this down.  This effort to permit toll booths is just the first step.  The left’s goal, led by this administration, is to tax motorists by the mile.  They don’t like cars, never have.  They want to create such a disincentive to drive that they will do anything to discourage it.  So pay attention.  What you see in this toll bill is not what you will get, and you can take that to the FASTTRACK!

Link to toll booth story.

Link to tax-by-the-mile.

COF 008: Why entrepreneur Hector Avellaneda became a conservative in the new economy

April 28, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Hector Avellaneda

Hector Avellaneda was once a liberal, but he is now a conservative.  After graduating from college with student loan and credit card debt of  over $57,000, Avellaneda, 27, knew there had to be a better way.  He explains his inspiring story in our latest Conservative On Fire podcast.

Avellaneda has become a successful online business marketer.   Like most of us, he is concerned with the USA’s dwindling middle class, and if we don’t wake up soon, there will be no middle class left.   He believes our decreasing standard of living is being accelerated by failed government policies.  How to turn it around is the question?  Avellaneda believes he has answer and talks about in the podcast.

Avellaneda’s website is  On it, you will find useful information and links to his podcast, “New Class Rising ”  There are episodes such as, Why College Tuition Keeps Increasing and Student Loan Debt is Killing the Middle Class and The Types of Business You Can start and Operate from Anywhere.

So concerned is Avellaneda about our shrinking middle class, he has written a book, “de-CLASS-ified.”   You can purchase the audio and printed version of the book by going to his website.  Click on this highlighted link: New Class Rising.  Follow the prompts to the check out and then enter promo code COF to receive a 25 perecent discount.

Among the highlights in Avellaneda’s book are “Why America’s middle class is in grave danger of being wiped out completely” and “Why America’s debt tab will destroy your way of life regardless of how hard you work.”

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COF 007: Jayson Veley talks about conservatism and taping professor who went on GOP rant

April 24, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Junior Factor Nation

Jayson Veley is a conservative and proud of it.  Veley made headline news this week, after taping professor Brent Terry, during his creative writing class at Eastern Connecticut State University.  While reading a poem, the professor launched into a rant against the Republican Party.  He said if the Republicans won the U.S. Senate in the midterm elections and took control of both houses of Congress, colleges would start shutting down.  He also said forces in the country – meaning the GOP – were intent on taking the country back to 1855.

The enterprising Veley, understanding what Terry was up to, pulled out his phone and started taping him.  Veley talked about what happened next, how the story went viral and led him to appearances on the Fox News Channel during the latest podcast of Conservative On Fire.

Veley, however, is more than taping a professor’s political rant.  He talked about why he is a conservative, the definition of conservatism and how the Republican Party is itself in a “civil war” as certain forces fight to keep the conservative wing from taking over the party.  He explained why the GOP’s only hope is to adopt conservatism.

As a student at ECSU, Veley is the co-founder of the Junior Factor Nation.  He also hosts his own radio show, Factor Talk Radio.  Long before he went to college, Veley was letting his opinion be known, hosting his own cable television program.  He believes the country’s future is at stake, and the United States, as we know it, will no longer exist if the country does not go conservative.

In the podcast interview, Veley mentioned the battle he faces embracing the conservative philosophy on a college campus.  He passionately describes how to convert a liberal to a conservative and much, much more.  Click on the link below to get to his website.

Junior Factor Nation


COF 006: Being a female conservative on a college campus

April 23, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Conservative On Fire

Stephanie Conway is a senior at Eastern Connecticut State University.  She is also an avowed Conservative, who explains what it is like being a Conservative on a college campus.  She also details her Conservative philosophy and how sometimes it does not coexist with the Republican Party.

Almost, as if on cue, her comments were verified by the uproar at ECSU caused by a professor of  a creative writing class at the school.  Professor Brent Terry stated that if the Republicans take control of the U.S. Senate, colleges will start closing down.

Below is the link to Stephanie Conway’s website:

COF 005: The left now demonizing whole milk

April 16, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Whole milk

The left’s latest demon is whole milk.  They want it banned and their first target is day care centers.  In this edition of Conservative On Fire podcast,  I detail what happened at a legislative committee meeting in the Connecticut General Assembly.  When all was settled, the committee, along party line votes with Democrats in favor, banned whole milk from being served by day care centers.  The bill must go to the full Assembly for a vote.  This is part of a growing leftist movement across the country to ban whole milk.

In this case, it may be worth crying over spilled milk or risk going down a dangerous slope that will continue government’s overreach.

I also delve into how Soviet, oops, Russia President Vladimir Putin continues to mock President Barack Obama’s foreign policy program, with continued transgressions in Ukraine.

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COF 004: For Democrats it’s the politics of distraction

April 14, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Conservative On Fire

These days for the left, it’s all about the politics of distraction.  Any thing to take the country’s eyes off of how they have bungled the economy and have made Obamacare a disaster.  Each week the Democrats manufacture a new issue.  One week it’s the minimum wage.  The next week it’s equal pay.  Now the Democrats are attempting to play the race card.  What will next week bring?  All of this is discussed in the latest Conservative On Fire podcast.

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COF 003: Dale Dauphinais talks about conservatism and the Tea Party

April 12, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Tea Party rally

Dale Dauphinais had one of those reawakening moments about the USA’s future more than 30 years ago, while serving our country.  Now fearful of the debt we are piling up as a nation and what it will mean for our grand children, he is more involved than ever.  From his perch in eastern Connecticut, he has helped to springboard a movement – especially through the Tea Party Patriots – to get candidates elected who will help to return the nation back to the principles on which it was founded.  I talk about this and much, much more with Dale “Duffy” Dauphinais.

COF 002: Bob MacGuffie talks about Right Principles and Conservatism

April 12, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Bob MacGuffie

In this second edition of COF,  I interview Bob MacGuffie, one of the founders of Right Principles.   Bob explains how the liberal movement has helped our country stray from its fundamentals, whether we are talking states’ rights or observing the U.S. Constitution.  We get into Obamacare and what it will take for this country to experience a reawakening to return us to the premise of what made us a great nation.

Link to Bob MacGuffie’s website: Right Principles


COF 001: The Premiere of Conservative On Fire Podcast

April 12, 2014 Podcasts No Comments
Conservative On Fire

In this premiere of Conservative On Fire, I talk about the reasons behind starting this podcast.  I also explain why I became a Conservative.   Those who know me from my Hartford, Connecticut radio days, remember the fire in my belly, when espousing the benefits of conservatism.  In fact, my trademark was “Connecticut’s true conservative radio voice.”

With the exciting, new media growing everyday, I have taken my presentation digital with these podcasts.  Now you can listen to me at your convenience.  The 21st Century media allows you, the consumer of news, to decide when you are going to consume that news.

The aim of Conservative On Fire is not only opinion based – mine – but yours too.  You can call the COF opinion line and let me know what you think.  That number is 206-338-0826.  COF will also feature guests, which we have in our next two podcast episodes.

Please subscribe to COF in iTunes and right a review.  The more reaction we get, the more notoriety for the USA’s last best hope, Conservatism.

American Legion says it’s lost confidence


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